Jiangmen Jinling Exhaust Fan Manufacturing Co., Ltd. continues to adhere to the corporate values of “aggressive Jinling, dedication of Jinling, grateful Jinling”, and fulfills the corporate mission of “limited space, unlimited vitality” and adheres to the spirit of craftsmanship. Constantly innovating products, improving product quality, strengthening brand building, and determined to become the global leader in environmental appliances.



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Our work attitude: finely crafted and meticulous


Our core values: integrity-based


The characteristics of our company:


Our company endorses informal discussions and conversations as a primary means of communication within the company. We reject all odious bureaucracy.


Everyone is equal. No one is unattainable. Everyone will not pretend and be tall. Our structure and mode of interaction are simple and straightforward, full of harmony and ease.


The talents and values ​​of each person will be maximized in the activities of the company, because we allow people to view the multi-angle and multi-view of things, and the enterprises will merge them into Sichuan, create the future, and continue to flow. In this way, living and working among us should be very enjoyable, because it is filled with trust, respect, encouragement and vitality.


People who are indifferent to business and career, and who are worried about private interests, have no place to stand here. Those who disregard social morality, professional ethics and family virtues have no place to live here.


We are down to earth and confident in everything we do. Our business is in the forefront, and it will succeed.