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The company invites you to join our team due to the expansion of production development. The company has a large development space, purchases five insurances and one gold, enjoys annual vacation, travel, birthday gifts, and benefits from treatment.




The job positions are as follows:


First, the ship with a single person: 2500-3500 yuan / month


job requirements:


1. College degree or above, international trade / business English major is preferred.


2. Hard work, proactive, good teamwork spirit, high execution ability, able to withstand strong work pressure.


3. Have one or more years of shipping work.


4. English four.


Second, foreign trade salesman 1 person: 2500 basic salary + commission


job requirements:


1. Undergraduate, international trade, business English and other majors are preferred.


2. Familiar with the company's products, have good business negotiation ability and market development ability;


3, hard work, proactive, have a good team spirit, high execution, can withstand strong work pressure.


4. Two years of experience in foreign trade business.


5, English six.


Third, the business elite 3: 22-28 years old, 172cm or more, college education, have good eloquence and communication skills, have a C1 driver's license, relevant work experience is preferred. 2500-6000 yuan.


Fourth, the product packaging design 1 person: full-time junior college or above in graphic design, packaging design related professional, with product packaging independent design capabilities, skilled use of Coreldraw and Photoshop software. (There is work experience in graphic design or related industry, and interest in photography is preferred.) 2500-3500 yuan / month


V. Copywriting 1 person: Full-time undergraduate or above, with literary, evening, and literary and tactical abilities, the writing style is better, and the Communists are preferred.


Six, development and design staff 2: 45 years old, full-time junior college or above, more than three years of work experience, with independent design capabilities of ventilation products.


Seven, motor welding line workers, welt, winding workers 15: female, under 40 years old, salary: 2500-6000 yuan


Eight, motor assembly 15 people: under 40 years old, salary: 2500-5000 yuan


Nine, finished product assembly 10 people: under 45 years old, salary: 2500-4000 yuan




Contact number: 3598280 Contact: Miss Li


Company Address: No.1, Jinling Road, Binjiang Avenue, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province






Jiangmen Jinling Exhaust Fan Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


       February 8, 2017